2020-2021 School Year Information

Thank you for partnering with us to provide meaningful opportunities for your children.

This page has been developed to inform our Civano Community School families of plans regarding the opening of schools for the 2020/2021 School Year. We recognize that as plans are made, some of those plans will need to be modified and adjusted as conditions around COVID-19 are still fluid across Arizona. As some of these topics are still being discussed and considered, you may find areas that are under construction. As decisions are finalized, the sections will be updated on this page.

Please click on each section to find out more about Civano during the 2020-21 School Year.

For more information regarding Vail School District plans/procedures, or to find information for other schools in Vail, please CLICK HERE.

Hybrid Learning Structure

We have worked hard to develop our plans and procedures for Hybrid Instruction at Civano.

Please view the video and/or PDF below for detailed information about what you can expect during the hybrid phase at Civano.

Feel free to email Lydia with any questions you may have.

24 September 2020

Dear Families,

I shared during the Family Meetings earlier this month and in the communications I sent out that Civano families could transition from Brick-to-Click to Hybrid before January. This is different than other schools in the district. I want to share with you the process for requesting to transfer to Hybrid Learning (in-person; 4 days per week) from Brick-to-Click if you consider that at some point in the future.

We will be accepting transitions to Hybrid Learning on the following dates:

Request Deadline: Return Date:

Thursday, Oct. 8 Monday, Oct. 26

Thursday, Nov. 19 Monday, Nov. 30

Thursday, Dec. 10 Monday, Jan 4

One of the reasons for needing the lead time for this is to adequately prepare classroom spaces and minimize the impact returning students may have on the schedule and routines on campus. Of course, these plans are based on what we know as I write this. There may be adjustments made based upon community health data.

When you believe you are ready to transition back to in-person learning, please start by completing the request HERE. We will review the requests and make preparations for your child to return at the time you have indicated.

Finally, THANK YOU, for your cooperation with our teachers and staff as we learn how to rethink school, care for each other, and build community in new ways. This has not been easy for us nor for you. Truly, I wouldn’t want to navigate this storm with any other school community.



Lydia Garcia Crain

The Vail School District has published a detailed guide to help families understand the guidelines for students as we return to campus.

If you’re wondering “What Happens If…?” Then click below to read the guide.

Policies & expectations for face coverings while students and staff while on campus have been updated. Please read the policies displayed or click on the button below.

Elementary Student Days Look-Like

Student Drop-Off

  • Rainy Day Schedule (students go directly to classrooms upon arrival) until students are able to play in large groups. There is a potential for a grade level rotation after the first week of school.


  • Plexiglass table dividers have been ordered. They will be placed on each table. No student desks at Civano.


  • Students do not move from class to class; restrooms are located inside classrooms. Procedures for moving about safely on campus will be taught for travel to the school office or play spaces. Only 1 or 2 classes will be scheduled for recess at a time and students have enough space to move about safely. The playground equipment will be open to students if equipment owned by the City of Tucson is open to children.


  • The playground structure will be closed while in phase one or until other direction is provided. Any equipment will be cleaned following recess. Grade level recesses will be assigned for lunch and snack recess.


  • The Youngers and Middlers will attend lunch recess from 11:30-12:00 and eat lunch in classes from 12:00-12:30. Olders will eat lunch from 11:30-12:00 and attend recess from 12:00-12:30. All play will be supervised and expectations for small groups and limited sharing will be implemented. We will ask families to send bagged lunches that do not require heating or special preparation. We will begin food service the 3rd week of school. At this time, we plan to implement “Grab and Go” style lunches for classes. They will be delivered by our kitchen worker on a cart to classrooms.


  • Parents will be asked to wait outside school gates and follow guidelines for physical distancing. Parent pick up will be dismissed at 3:00pm. Walkers and bike riders will be dismissed at 3:10pm.

Middle School Student Days Look-Like

Student Drop-Off

  • Arriving students will be directed to the classrooms, fields, or crew circle w//reminders to adhere to physical distancing considerations.


  • Plexiglass dividers purchased for tables. At the end of each class period, students will clean their area under the supervision of their teacher with the classroom cleansing station. During class periods, all students are welcome to use the station or the hand sanitizer for any reason. Students will enter and exit the classroom using social distancing practices. There will be no shared materials in classes.


  • Hand sanitizers are provided throughout the common areas of the school. Students will transfer from classes in a clockwise rotation.


  • Normal w/physical distancing considerations; encouraged to gather in small groups, maintain personal space; move to different areas if groups become too large


  • Students to bring lunch from home that does not require heating, refrigeration, or special handling. School lunch service will resume after 2 weeks from opening and will initially be “grab and go” style lunches delivered to the middle school campus from the kitchen worker.


  • Art and Music/Drama occur in the classrooms; PE will be escorted to the fields or crew circle.


  • Parent pick-up dismissed at 3:00pm; walkers and bikers dismissed at 3;10pm.